Shin kwang-sub Ceramics is a brand launched by a visual designer and ceramist, Kwang-sub Shin. 

 Shin wants to express the field of pottery with an emphasis on traditional beauty in a simple , sophisticated and sensational way.

Shin believes the field is not limited to the making of tableware when the process itself can become an exhibition. 

Shin’s brand exercises simplicity and restrained art form through colors and by restraining morphological splendor. In this way, the beauty can be expressed by relieving rather than adding. 

 It considers each piece as an art and a craft form made with tremendous effort and precision in a hope that their value can be recognized by viewers.

Shin kwang-sub Ceramics approaches the traditional tableware differently. 

 Shin puts more emphasis on soft and subtle pigment combinations than other makers. A matte glaze is a common use among ceramicists to create matte surface. 

 But Shin uses natural clay mixture to bring out the most unique colors instead of using any glaze. 

 The surface also goes through polishing processes as a way to reduce the sense of heterogeneity of the touch. 

 Shin takes both design aspects and practicality into consideration so his pieces can be perceived as an art and, at the same time, used as everyday products. 

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